Sleepytime Gal

Sleepytime Gal is this year’s Festival Special, brewed to coincide with and launch at the Norwich beer festival as well as being available at good pubs thoughout the region.

STG pclip

Sleepytime Gal is an American style IPA.


On February 21st 1944, Sleepytime Gal was one of a large number of American B17 bombers returning from a raid over Germany when it was involved in a collision with another B17 in the fog over East Anglia. Unfortunately, as a result of this collision both planes were lost, crashing into the marshes near Reedham, with the crews of both planes killed.
Sleepytime Gal is, in this 70th anniversary year, named to honour and remember the brave men on both of these planes who gave their lives in the name of freedom.


There is a plaque in Reedham commemorating the crews of these two planes, alongside the village war memorial.


In 1999 there was a Channel 4 Time Team programme, with Tony Robinson, where the site of the crash was excavated. It can be watched on 4OD.

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