2020 Christmas Polypin (& MINI CASK) Orders

Polypins are, for the uninitiated, beer in a box. the beer is drawn fresh from a cask leaving any yeast / sediment behind meaning that you do not need to leave it to stand before consuming.  Available in 10 litre (17 pints) & 20 litres (35 pints).

Beer of this nature should be opened within 5 days of purchase and then consumed within a further 3/4 days to be at its best. It should also be stored in a cooled environment of 10-12 degrees C.

This year we also have 5 litre (8.8 pint) Mini Casks.  Unlike polypins, this beer is cask conditioned, so contains a little yeast to make it fresher for longer, both to store and to enjoy once opened.   Also keep cool, 10-12 degrees C.  Follow the guidance on the casks.

Details of the beers available and prices can be found on the attached order form.    Either visit the shop or call 01493 701818 to place your order and make payment.  You can also send the form by email (sales@humptydumptybrewery.co.uk) – we will call you to confirm & take  payment.  Orders must be received & paid for by 12th December for collection between 21st & 24th December 2020.  


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