One Million Pints of Humpty

Millionth Pint Presentation

Upper left, landlord Mick Lee receives the delivery of the firkin containing the millionth pint from our drayman Jason Clark.  Upper right, Caron and Mick Lee with Stephen and Jimmy from the brewery. Lower left, Mick pulls the millionth pint.  Lower right, Lara Bolen raising a toast with the lucky pint.

We are pleased to announce that the one millionth pint of Humpty Dumpty Brewery ale was sold last night at the Blue Lion in North Pickenham, Norfolk.  Lucky customer Lara Bolen ordered the pint of Reedcutter about 9PM from landlord Mick Lee and was greeted by Lesley, Stephen and Jimmy from the brewery.  Lara received a “Brewer’s Selection” mixed case of Humpty Dumpty beers and a rugby shirt for buying the millionth pint.  She said that she was a fan of our beers and was delighted to win the prize, which included a bottle of her favourite, Bad Egg.
We worked out the millionth pint on the basis of our duty records going back to the start of our current partnership operation in September 2006.  We’ve had a countdown in the brewery for the past few weeks and finally reached the milestone early last week when Mick ordered the designated firkin of Reedcutter. Although the Blue Lion’s buying our millionth pint was completely by chance, Mick pointed out that he has been one of our oldest and most regular customers.  He checked his records and found that he had our 57th invoice back in late 2006 and had ordered a firkin of Reedcutter on that occasion as well.
We were delighted to spend the evening participating in the pub quiz in the friendly company of Mick and Caron and the customers at the Blue Lion, and we’re very pleased that the millionth pint went to Lara.

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