Find out where and and what the brewery is up to with our at a glance calendar. All the events open up to provide further details, times, maps etc.
There are four category events:
Brewery Events: These are events specifically organised by or involving the brewery.
Local Events: Events where you will either find a direct presence from the brewery or our products available.
CAMRA Events: Just like it says. Some of the major CAMRA events on their calendar and any others that Humpty Dumpty will be either attending or supplying beer to.
General Events: Anything not in the other categories that we think worth putting on the calendar.

Events should open to more details (maps etc) when clicked but if it doesn’t then check the month and year below and then hit GO to re-open the page, they should then be fine 🙂

The week's events

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18th September 2023
19th September 2023
20th September 2023
21st September 2023
22nd September 2023
23rd September 2023
24th September 2023

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